Casselton Train Derailment on December 30, 2013


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We are still in awe over the train derailment from December 30, 2013. Here are photos and videos from this historical event. Fortunately, no one was injured in the Casselton, ND train derailment. Please consider making an online donation to our Casselton Community Endowment Fund here. This fund supports many activities and events in the Casselton area. Thank you in advance for supporting our area.

Thank you Aaron White, WDAY for this impressive shot of the smoke plume. The top of the black spot is Casselton.


Thank you to Shawn Rode Photography for this photo looking west oout of town. The engine sits at the 3rd Avenue Crossing.




Thank you Alisha McConnell for sharing this photo looking west from the Langer Avenue (Highway 18) crossing in Casselton.

The next 4 photos are from Dawn Faught Photography. These images can be purchased at


We truly believe that image 3 and 4 were deciding factors to change the classification of Bakken Crude Oil. Estimates have been placed of the fireball over 550 feet in the air. Unbelievable photos...make sure to check out


Thank you to our friend Jennifer who took this photo over 30 miles away from the incident. Look at the impressive mushroom cloud with debris moving southeast.

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