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Maple River Wines from
North Dakota's Winery


Our Current Offerings
as of April 2017

Handcrafted Award Winning North Dakota Wines
All are listed from dry to sweet

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Dry and Semi-Dry Wines

Wild Plum Wine-Handpicked North Dakota plums create this medium bodied dry blush wine. Perfect for the fresh catch of the day or pasta. Serve chilled.

Apricot Wine-A signature dinner wine. Hand picked North Dakota apricots
produce this tantalizing and refreshing wine. Enjoy chilled. Limited quantities.

Aronia Wine-Small aronia berries produce this dry red wine. Enjoy with a
juicy steak. A very unique distinct taste from the North Dakota prairies.

Gooseberry Wine-Handpicked Gooseberries produce this dry white wine with a bold citrus and fresh air taste. Enjoy chilled. Limited quantity. Only available in 375ml.

Apple Jalapeno Pepper Wine-An initial semi-dry apple taste on the tip of your tongue
followed by jalapeno warmth everywhere else that will stay. A very popular one of a kind gift!

Dakota Cherry Wine-Hand picked Nanking cherries are fermented with sand cherries and meteor cherries to produce this semi-dry blush wine. A nice minty aftertaste, serve this wine semi-chilled. SOLD OUT

Semi-Sweet and Sweet Wines

Dandelion Wine-Just the yellow dandelion flowers are hand picked for this
signature Midwestern prairie wine. A taste like a cross between a light
chardonnay and corn on the cob, this wine has become a delicacy across
the United States. Enjoy chilled.


Honey Apple Wine-North Dakota is #1 many years in honey production. We
use North Dakota honey and apples to make this semi-sweet white wine. Very
similar to a Riesling grape wine. Initial honey taste followed by apple. The North
Dakota honey predominantly comes from Alfalfa and Clover fields. Enjoy chilled.

Chokecherry Wine-#1 traditional Midwestern wine. Our chokecherry wine is semi-
sweet leaving the tartness of a North Dakota chokecherry present with each taste.
Makes you keep coming back for more. Made just the way grandma did back on the
farm. Enjoy at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Dakota Pear Wine-Handpicked North Dakota grown pears from southeastern
North Dakota produce this new and exciting wine. The reddish tint from the ripe
pear skins transferred into this wine. A nice pleasant citrus taste. Enjoy chilled.

Lilac Wine-This will be the holiday conversational piece across the US this holiday season. Enjoy chilled with friends either as a warm-up or with fruits or cheese and crackers. We enjoyed several bottles with a group. The majority of them came to the same conclusion: The taste brings you the smell of lilacs. As seen on NBC's Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda on March 22, 2011.

Rhubarb Wine-One of the most popular wines in the Midwest. Enjoy the semi-sweet
taste of rhubarb pie in a bottle. Recognized as the Best Valued Midwestern wine at the Minnesota Food and Wine Experience, February 2009. Enjoy with many friends. As seen on NBC's Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda on December 22, 2010. Don't forget the Woodchipper label...."you betcha"

Bumble Bee Red-Handpicked North Dakota red grapes are blended with pure
North Dakota honey to create this refreshing sweet red wine. Enjoy chilled. Back in stock!

Honeycomb Plum Wine-A perfect blend of wild plums and smooth North Dakota
honey provide for this well-balanced sweet blush dessert wine. An initial tartness
from the wild plums followed by the sweet taste of North Dakota honey. Serve chilled.

Raspberry Wine-It is so popular we can't even put a waiting list up here. Hopefully we get more raspberries!! Very limited quantities. 375ml only. $13.99 for 375ml bottle. Will be sold out shortly.

Order our North Dakota Wines at the North Dakota Wine Order Website.

Maple River Winery proudly uses North Dakota fruit in all of their wines. Ask for it by name!!

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