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We are still in awe over the train derailment from December 30, 2013. Here is a link to a page we have dedicated with photos and videos from this historical event. Fortunately, no one was injured in the Casselton, ND train derailment.

Our tasting room is open Monday through Saturday year around. On Saturdays we take an in-depth tour of our wine production area as well as enjoy some wonderful Pride of Dakota products to go with our wine sampling. We can also visit the Maple River Distillery tasting room just 2 doors to the west. Join us today!

Our fun wine is made with hand picked North Dakota apples and home grown Jalapeno Peppers. This semi-dry white wine has become one of our most popular online wine orders. The perfect conversation piece, an initial semi-sweet apple taste on the tip of your tongue followed by a warm jalapeno heat everywhere else that lingers for minutes, but not overpowering. Serve this wine chilled with light salads, cheese, or marinade chicken or add some in your spaghetti sauce for a little extra zip. Cheers!!


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In historic downtown Casselton, ND
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Our video of how to get to our winery

Regular Hours (Open all Year)
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Sundays & Evenings by appt.


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